Sports Betting in Oklahoma: The Top Oklahoma Betting Sites for 2023

Oklahoma boasts a thriving wagering sector, which includes three horse racing facilities, Indian casinos, and a restricted number of authorized betting sites. While online poker and casino games are not yet available in the state, real-money wagering is permitted on horse racing, fantasy sports, and games of skill. With regard to sports wagering, a legislative proposal was put forth to grant the governor of Oklahoma the authority to augment the tribal-state compact with the inclusion of “sports pools.” The proposed expansion would have involved placing bets on the performances of athletes participating in competitive games or on the outcomes of one or more competitive games themselves, with all wagers collected in a common pot or pool from which player winnings, prizes, and direct costs are disbursed. The legislative session of Oklahoma concluded without any progress being made regarding its measure. At this time, there are no imminent intentions to broaden the scope of online wagering.

The Gambling Legislation of Oklahoma

There are currently very few legal, licensed, and secure online wagering options in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has legalized land-based gambling on tribal lands in accordance with compacts between the state and 33 nations. With the exception of sports wagering, the law permits tribes to offer all main forms of gambling in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Charity Games Act of 1992 legalized charitable gaming in the state of Oklahoma, following a statewide referendum in which citizens voted to permit gaming for charitable purposes. Bingo, lotteries, and raffles are among these. Although online poker and gambling have yet to be officially legalized in Oklahoma, the US Department of Interior has made every effort to prevent tribal agreements for these activities. External to licensed casinos, gambling is subject to stringent regulations. Unfortunately, there is no exemption for private games between friends in Oklahoma. Therefore, engaging in a poker game beneath the table with your companions is not permitted.

The Sports Most Popular in Oklahoma
Oklahomans are sports aficionados, not merely sports enthusiasts. They are anything but “fair-weather,” as their fervent support for their preferred teams elevates the ambiance of Oklahoma’s sporting events. Sports have been celebrated in Oklahoma since before the state’s 1907 formation. Basketball, hockey, football, and baseball are all demonstrating exceptional quality, making sports in the Sooner State more thrilling than ever before. Oklahoma is the domicile of a multitude of professional sports organizations. Oklahoma serves as a venue for various collegiate sports, including basketball, baseball, soccer, and ice hockey, in addition to professional teams in these disciplines. Prominent divisions such as the Pacific Coast League, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and the United Soccer League are frequented by these amateur clubs.

The Origins of Sports Wagering in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, all forms of wagering were prohibited until 1916. The state ratified the Horseracing Act for the first time in 1983, permitting betting and wagering. Subsequent to that, in 2004, the state of Oklahoma granted approval to tribal casinos. In 2005, the state lottery was subsequently authorized and instituted. In 2013, Oklahoma legalized online sports wagering for the first time, permitting tribal members to offer international online gambling but prohibiting state residents from participating in these activities. Tribal casinos achieved an unprecedented revenue of $4.2 billion in 2014. This development resulted in the establishment of the inaugural real money gambling site in the state of Oklahoma, when the Iowa Tribe was granted authorization to begin offering international sports wagering.

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